Our bestselling table lamp: Malta

When you’re looking for a new light for your home, you have a lot to think about – what is currently trending, what materials and styles will suit your existing furniture, and the functionality that you want from the lighting. While the choice you make is likely to be guided by the needs of your home and who will be using the room you’re buying for, it often helps to be inspired by the most popular items from a retailer.



Our bestselling table lamp, Malta, is a gorgeous table lamp that brings together classic and contemporary elements that you’ll love for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the features that we – and our customers – love about the Malta table lamp.



Classic yet contemporary design

At first glance, the Malta table lamp looks like just another classic brass lamp with a round silk shade, stem and base, but it is the glass that surrounds the base and the stem is what brings a classic design right up to date.


A great size

Unlike many tiny table lamps, the Malta table lamp is a substantial enough size to make a statement. At just under 50cm (19.6”) tall, and a diameter of 30cm (12”), it is big enough for end tables next to sofas, bedside tables, and hallway console tables.


Touch switch for easy on and off

We absolutely love a touch switch design – they’re so easy to use, and you don’t need to worry about finding the switch on the cable or underneath the shade, as some designs have. All you need to do is touch the stem of the lamp, and the light will turn on or off, depending on the state it is currently in.


While a touch switch design works for absolutely everyone in the family, it makes turning lamps on and off easy for anyone with mobility issues or disabilities, as well as children that don’t yet have the dexterity needed for switching conventional lamps on and off.



Wherever you might want to place a table lamp, you’re likely to want to have a dimmable light – and not all table lamps are dimmable, so when you’re choosing, you need to be certain you’ve got one that is. The Malta table lamp is a dimmable style, although you’ll need a dimmable bulb to ensure that you don’t get any flickering.


Where can I use the Malta table lamp?

While you can use the Malta table lamp in most rooms in the home, but we think it is best suited to:


  • In bedrooms, on bedside tables
  • Living rooms, on end tables adjacent to sofas
  • On console tables in hallways
  • In dining rooms
  • In reading nooks


The Malta table lamp has a 1.5 metre cable, so may need an extension cable if you’re using it further from a power socket.


What bulb do I need for the Malta table lamp?

If you want to use the dimmable feature of your Malta table lamp, you’ll need a dimmable bulb with a screw cap. We recommend the Envirolight 8W Warm White Dimmable LED GLS Bulb – we love LED bulbs, because they last so much longer than conventional bulbs, and because they use so little electricity in comparison too.

If you need extra features, such as having the light a different colour temperature, or to be able to you can get those by using a dimmable smart bulb from our range.


What do customers say about the Malta table lamp?

We could spend all day telling you the lovely things that our customers have had to say about the Malta table lamp, but that would make for a pretty boring read – especially when you can see them on the listing!



Our favourite review comes from Patrick, who says:


Beautiful table lamps which I’m using as a bedside lamps. They look very elegant and classy, and I love the combination of glass and brass in a contemporary style. Very impressed and happy with my products.


We love how Patrick sums up the Malta table lamp – it really is a gorgeous combination, and while it is a contemporary style, we think it is classic enough that it will look perfect in homes for a long time to come, so it is a great investment.


Which other lighting works with the Malta table lamp?

We’ve spoken about having layers of lighting in rooms in the home before – ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps, as well as accent lighting can all be used together to create the perfect amount of lighting for whatever activity is going on at any given time.

If you’re choosing lighting to coordinate with the Malta table lamp in a room in your home, then the key is to choose brass, with white shades. For a simple pendant light, we love the Edit Bead 5 light cascade pendant or the Edit Greenwich ceiling pendant light, while there are gorgeous brass and white floor lamps in the shape of the Minna floor lamp, and the Sober floor lamp. If you’re adding a picture light, then a polished brass style picks up the brass of the Malta, and we think the Edit Flute glass wall light would complement the Malta table lamp perfectly.


Our final thoughts

If you’re looking for a table lamp for your home that looks gorgeous, and will stand the test of time no matter where you put it, then the Edit Malta glass touch table lamp is a fantastic choice. Usually we have plenty of stock, and so with express delivery you can have your new table lamp the next working day – perfect if you’re in a hurry! Of course, if, in the unlikely event that you’re not absolutely delighted with your Malta table lamp, you can return it to us within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.



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