Choosing the Best Lighting for your Garage

Author: Reena Reeves

10th February 2020

On the Outside

Security Lighting

Installing a light outside your garage with a motion (PIR) sensor is a sensible idea to improve security. It’ll also prove practical when you pull up on your driveway and want to park your car safely without risking damage from the garage door opening. The Luceco Eco Cool White Round Flush Light has a PIR sensor with an 8-10 metre range and can stay lit for up to 4 minutes, which should allow plenty of time for you to park up. The integrated energy-saving LED bulb will last for up to 25,000 hours too, as well as using minimal electricity.


Garage Lighting - Security LightingGarage Lighting - Security Lighting

To enhance your home security even more, why not consider a light with an in-built camera, too? The Lutec Peri is a 25W LED floodlight with the added bonus of a HD Wi-Fi camera to capture security footage. The LED light lasts a staggering 50,000 hours so once installed you won’t have to worry about replacing it for years to come.

Decorative Lighting

Adding stylish lanterns and outdoor lights makes the exterior of your home look effortlessly stylish, so it pays to think about these for the garage too. The Lutec Unit LED wall light is a modern take on the classic lantern style wall light. It features a PIR sensor which will help regulate its use, passing on even greater cost savings to you.

Garage Lighting - Decorative LightingGarage Lighting - Decorative Lighting

On the Inside

Garage Lighting - DIY WorkshopGarage Lighting - DIY Workshop

DIY Workshop

These days many people have converted their garage in to an office, a gym, or additional storage room. Many even have transformed theirs into a DIY workshop to while away days spent on hobbies and projects. Whatever you use your garage for, the right lighting is essential. It needs to be bright and focussed, and even mimic daylight if there are no windows. Because of the drafty and sometimes damp nature of garages, it’s a good idea to choose a light fitting that is tough and robust such as an LED batten. The Eterna Eco Weatherproof Batten is a great choice and offers fantastic light output. When selecting a garage light, always look out for the IP rating, as this is a marker of how suitable it is for outdoor use.

Outside Den

Garages are increasingly being considered another room in the home, and many people are converting theirs in to additional living space such as a den. This is ideal for teenagers craving their own space and freedom. It could easily accommodate musical instruments such as drum kits or amps, games consoles or a pool table due to the size of the room. You may want to think about soundproofing if you have any budding rock stars in your household! To create the finishing touches, choose some lighting that complements the space such as the modern Astro Aqua 3 Light Bar. It has fully adjustable heads that can be positioned to where the light is needed the most.

You’ll need waterproof sockets in the garage such as the Nexus Storm 2 Gang 13 Amp Switched Socket. It’s a safe and reliable way to use electricity in a space that could be prone to moisture and damp in the air.

Garage Lighting - Outside DenGarage Lighting - Outside Den

However you choose to use your garage, make sure you take the time to consider lighting. This can really make all the difference and truly enhance your experience. Why not check out our Buying Guides for even more inspiration?