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Indoor Lighting

We have a wide range of easy plug in and battery operated indoor lights. Perfect for DIY home decorating projects.

Indoor LightingIndoor Lighting
Outdoor LightingOutdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Turn your garden into an outdoor retreat with solar or connectable lighting. 

DIY has become a massive industry in the UK, and with so many changes and improvements that can be made without needing to call a tradesman for assistance, it isn’t a surprise. Where the home is rented, or not your ‘forever home’, you might be disinclined to make permanent changes – and that’s absolutely fine, but when you need to add extra lighting to your home, that can feel tricky, which is where our range of DIY lighting comes in. Our DIY lighting has the options that mean you don’t need to employ an electrician – they’re stylish lights that simply plug in, are battery operated, or are low voltage and easy to install or set up.


Table lamps and floor lamps are the go-to DIY lighting option in many homes, with the advantage that they are easy to move and can be relocated anywhere throughout the home, and can be taken with you if you move. But our range of wall lights also include options that simply plug in, and many of our picture lights are battery operated, making them super easy to install. 


Just as there is demand for DIY lighting inside the home, there is also plenty of demand for easy to install outdoor lighting too. When adding garden lights, the need for an electrician can be even lower – our range includes 12v, and 24v garden lights, which are perfect if you have outside access to power, as they simply plug in and switch on. But there are far more possibilities with solar lighting, and as long as the solar panel receives enough brightness during the day, your lights will provide the light that you need throughout the night – whether than is for permanent security lights, or for entertaining in your garden.

DIY Lighting

Explore our selection of lights that have been handpicked as easy-to-install without needing an electrician.

From innovative plug-in wall lights to solar garden lights, all these require is a bit of can-do attitude and a little bit of free time (something we all have plenty of).

We’re open as usual during this strange, and difficult time. If you have any questions about delivery please give our team a call on 0345 646 1139.

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