IP Ratings Explained

IP stands for Ingress Protection, it is there to let you know which light fittings can be used in installations such as the bathroom or outdoors. Each light fitting has an Ingress Protection rating consisting of two numbers. The first of these numbers (i.e. IP44) tells you its rating towards foreign objects, such as dust and stones. The second number (i.e. IP44) relates to protection against moisture ingress. Bathroom and outdoor environments can often expose light fittings to water, so when planning your lighting scheme it is very important to ensure that the light fittings you intend to purchase have the appropriate IP rating so you can install them within current regulations in your desired location.

When choosing a light fitting for the bathroom or outdoors, look for the IP rating of the fitting, this will be available in our product description or specification, if no IP rating is mentioned, the fitting is not suitable for use in bathroom zones 0, 1 or,2, or for outdoor installations. More on bathroom zones can be found in our Bathroom Zones Explained page, please click here to visit. Once you have located the IP Rating, use our easy to use guide below to check if it is suitable for your installation.

You should always seek advice from a qualified electrician before installing lighting within a Bathroom. N.B Regulations apply to domestic applications only, according to IEE Wiring Regulations (17th Edition) BS 7671:2008 For non domestic applications, please refer to your electrician

All Bathroom Zones

All electrical circuits in the bathroom must be protected by a 30ma Residual Current device (RCD) Electrical equipment exposed to water jets e.g for cleaning purposes must be at least IP65 (IPX5)


In conclusion when using the example in the above paragraphs, we can now surmise that a light fitting with an IP44 rating has the following rating:

- Protection against Solid objects greater than 1.5mm

- Protection against Water splashed from all directions

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