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Light bulbs are essentials in all rooms in our homes, as well as in our workplaces, but there are many different types of light bulb, and so many different options to choose from, that it can be difficult to know where to start. Generally speaking, the best thing to do is to find the same type of bulb that came out of the fitting, but if you don’t have the original bulb, you can’t identify it, or maybe the original doesn’t suit the light fitting, then you can narrow down the right type of bulb by following our tips.


Start out checking what type of cap the fixture needs. The most common type of bulbs in the UK are bayonet and screw cap bulbs, but there are a huge range of others – twist and lock (GU10), push-fit, fluorescent tubes, tube lights and spotlights are all options for different types of light fittings.


Then, establish the shape of the light bulb that you need to create the right look for the light fitting. Traditional light bulb shapes aren’t always right, and where the bulb needs to be smaller, capsule shaped light bulbs can provide the same brightness as many bigger bulbs. Where the bulb is to be a feature of the light, a bulb with a decorative filament can add to the look of the fitting.


The majority of light bulbs today are LED bulbs. They are much more environmentally friendly, since they use fewer toxic chemicals than incandescent styles, and they last much longer so need replacing less frequently. Further, they require much less electricity to provide the same amount of brightness – all much better for the planet. You’ll be able to choose the colour temperature you want with an LED light bulb, but you’ll get more flexibility with a smart bulb that connects to your Wi-Fi, since many can be dimmed and change the colour.


When choosing your light bulbs, replacing with the same type will make it easier, but if you’re unable to find this, we may be able to help – get in touch if you need assistance.