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Lighting up the outside of your home is a great way to make your home look more stylish instantly, as well as making it easier and safer to access your home during the hours of darkness. As well as lighting the entrance to your home, outdoor lights include garden lighting, which can be used for both functional, and decorative purposes at all times of the year, but most importantly allow us to make the most of our gardens during the warmer months of the year.


Choosing the right outdoor lights for your home can be complex. The function of the light matters, as well as your personal taste in design. There are many different styles that can light up your garden. Traditional lamp posts, and post and bollard lights are great for driveways, lanterns to light up your porch, decorative festoons and fairy lights for your patio, as well as floodlights and security lights where you need them.


Once you have decided on the style of outdoor lights that you want, you need to decide on how it is possible, and how best to power your outdoor lights. Access to mains power means that you can use 12v, or 24v garden lights – which are simple to place, plug into your outdoor socket, and switch on. Hardwiring your outdoor lights into the mains is also an option, if you can employ an electrician. But where that isn’t possible, battery powered lighting is a good option – especially for additional patio lighting, since many styles are now USB rechargeable, rather than using disposable batteries.


If you want to be able to light up your garden without an excess electricity bill – or perhaps you don’t have access to power in a certain area, then solar garden lighting is the way forward, since all you need to do is to ensure the solar panel is in the sun. In addition, you can look for outdoor lights with dusk to dawn functionality, PIR sensors, and timers, as well as Wi-Fi connected models that allow you control your lighting as you wish.