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Shopping for lighting doesn’t stop when you have picked the perfect light fitting for the space. There’s a whole world of other accessories to choose from, with light bulbs being the first thing to think about. Choosing the shape, colour, and brightness of the light bulb you need are all key considerations, but you’ll also need to think about whether you want dimmable bulbs, or maybe a smart bulb that can connect to your Wi-Fi and provide you with more functionality and flexibility. With a smart bulb, changing the colour temperature and brightness of any kind of light is easily done through an app on your phone.


If you’re in a new home, or are doing a complete refurbishment of your home, then you’re likely to be on the hunt for all kinds of other lighting accessories. Sockets and switches are an easy and inexpensive swap that can make a huge difference to your décor, while a ceiling fan might be exactly what you need to aid better sleep your bedroom.


Other lighting accessories are less permanent. Candles, for example can provide the comforting, flickering glow, a festive twinkle, or a romantic atmosphere that you want at certain times. But if your home has young children, pets, or vulnerable adults living in it, or you’re having a party where the festivities might get carried away, then candles with a naked flame can be a really bad idea. That’s where LED candles can fill the gap, since they won’t cause any damage should they be accidentally knocked over, making our range of LED candles perfect for use all year round.