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Sorry, there are no offers currently but check out our Clearance page for discounted lighting.

Warehouse ClearanceWarehouse Clearance

Warehouse Clearance

15% Off Lutec Lighting15% Off Lutec Lighting

15% Off Lutec Lighting

Celebrate In StyleCelebrate In Style

10% Off Selected Elstead Lighting

Up To 20% Off Ceiling FansUp To 20% Off Ceiling Fans

Up To 20% Off Ceiling Fans

20% Off Edit Favourites20% Off Edit Favourites

20% Off Edit Favourites

Finding the best deal on a product is second nature to most of us – we don’t want to feel that we’re paying over the odds for anything where we can help it. When you’re buying products for your home, you’re making an investment in how great your home will look for years to come, and although it might be an investment, you still want to feel that you’ve got the best price.


From time to time, we are able to source certain types of lighting and accessories at a better rate – and when we can do that, we like to be able to pass those savings on to you. Whatever type of lighting you’re searching for, on this page, you’ll find all of our current offers, with special prices on brands, discounts on certain categories of lighting, and exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else. It isn’t just lighting that you’ll find in our special offers though – depending on what we have been able to source, we may also have lighting accessories such as light bulbs, switches and sockets, and sensors on offer, so be certain to browse.


Some of our offers are because we have limited quantities of that particular product left, or because the lighting brand has discontinued that style. Where that is the case, we move those products into our Clearance range, where we reduce the price of those products so that we can clear them from our warehouse and make space for new ranges. Whether you’re looking for ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps, or table lamps – or maybe new outdoor lighting for outside your home – you’ll find the absolute best prices in our clearance range.