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  1. Kichler Halleron Outdoor Chandelier - Londonderry

  2. Granso Small Bathroom Glass Chandelier - Chrome

  3. Granso Bathroom Glass Chandelier - Chrome

  4. Searchlight Flemish 8 Light Chandelier - Antique Brass

  5. Elstead Carisbrooke 8 Light Chandelier - Black

  6. Dar Medusa 8 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Polished Chrome

  7. Searchlight Waterfall 5 Light Chandelier - Chrome

  8. Dar Lukas Glass Chandelier - Antique Gold

  9. Dar Giovana 5 Light Chandelier - Smoked Glass

  10. Elstead Cromwell 5 Light Chandelier - Old Bronze

  11. Granso Glass Chandelier - Brass

  12. Edit Balts 2 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  13. Hinkley Plymouth 3 Light Chandelier - Old Bronze

  14. Edit Spider 5 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light

  15. Edit Classic 5 Light Chandelier - White

  16. Searchlight Flemish 12 Light Chandelier - Antique Brass

  17. Hinkley Middlefield 5 Light Chandelier - Iron

  18. Granso Large Glass Chandelier - Matt Black

  19. Dar Daniella 6 Light Dual Mount Chandelier - Polished Nickel

  20. Dar Oleana 5 Light Chandelier - Polished Chrome

  21. Dar Ambassador 8 Light Chandelier - Satin Chrome

  22. Dar Ambassador 5 Light Chandelier - Satin Chrome

  23. Dar Escala Chandelier - Crystal

  24. Granso Glass Chandelier - Matt Black

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A chandelier makes a bold statement wherever it is placed around the home. Classic or modern, this style of light will create a distinctive centrepiece. A mini chandelier can work well in bedrooms or smaller rooms, whilst a grander version will add a glamorous finish to dining rooms and entrances.

Available in a wide variety of finishes, chandeliers can feature intricate metalwork and crystal detail, which will create a chic, luxurious feel all around the home.

Chandeliers are almost certainly one of the most glamorous styles of lighting that exist – and when you think that chandeliers with hundreds of crystals were typically used in palaces and stately homes, there is little wonder that they are considered an indulgent choice. Today, there are styles of chandelier that are suitable for every room in the home – even your bathroom – so you can bring a little sparkle throughout your home.


If you’re looking for the grand style of chandelier that springs to mind – with crystals aplenty – then you’re certain to find what you’re looking for in our range. Hooped styles with crystals shading the light, as well as candelabra styles offer elegant effects. Typically made from brass, gold, satin silver, and chrome, these metal and crystal styles scatter the light beautifully.


However, if you’re looking for a light fixture that is a more modern take on the chandelier, there are smaller, more discreet styles that can even be used in rooms with low ceilings, as well as more modern, industrial versions that offer similar amounts of brightness. Multi arm lights, and semi-flush lights can also provide the amount of brightness that you might be looking for, without the associated grandeur of a traditional chandelier.


Cluster and cascade lights can fill a space in just as spectacular way, and LED chandeliers are suitably modern too. They take up similar amounts of space, but because they don’t have the same numbers of bulbs, and they last so much longer, they can be installed in higher spaces like the entryway to your home, without you needing to get the ladder out to replace bulbs.