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  1. Edit Display LED Sign Light - Black

  2. Searchlight LED Sign Light

  3. Faro Barcelona Foc-2 LED Outdoor Sign Light - Dark Grey

  4. Elstead Selma LED Outdoor Sign Light - Black

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Outdoor sign lights are a great addition when you have invested in a great name or number plate that marks your home. You want to be able to show that sign off – which in turn, helps visitors to find you. They’re a small, but functional light that can make a big difference, which is why our range of outdoor sign lights have adjustable heads, so you can perfectly direct the light to where it needs to be, to ensure that visitors to your home can find your property that little bit easier.


As with all outdoor lighting, you need to be confident that your outdoor sign light is going to withstand the weather. For this type of lighting, which is exposed to the weather year round, you’ll need IP65 safety rated, to ensure that it is water resistant and can withstand minor knocks. If you’re installing your outdoor sign light within a few miles of the coast, you’ll need to choose a coastal resistant model, so that the corrosive effect of the salt won’t damage your new light.


Almost all outdoor sign lights use LED bulbs, and our sign lights are no different. LED bulbs provide much brighter light, with much less power required than traditional bulbs, and they last for much longer too. This means that your outdoor sign light won’t be a drain on your electricity bill, and won’t need replacing for years – even if you were to keep the light permanently switched on, 24 hours a day. Each of our outdoor sign lights are guaranteed for a minimum of three years, so you can have full confidence that when you install your outdoor sign light, it will go the distance.