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When you’re shopping for light fixtures, it is often much simpler to be able to pick when you can choose your lighting by room. It means you’re much less likely to encounter indecision as to whether the light fittings are suitable for whichever room you’re choosing for – especially if you’re shopping for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and garages, where things like water resistance matter.


To help you with your search, on this page we’ve separated our collection, so that it is easy to see and understand which lights are suitable for each room in your home. As you might already know, in each room there are three types of lighting to apply – the ambient light, which is the main source of brightness in the room – the task lighting, which is used for specific purposes, such as shaving lights in the bathroom – and accent lighting, which highlights certain elements in the room. In each collection for each room, we’ve added all three types of lighting, so you can choose the right combination of lighting for each space.


Whether you’re shopping for ceiling and wall lights to light up a hallway or stairway to daylight brightness, you’re looking for the perfect desk lamp for your office, or maybe you are searching for some great lighting for your bedroom, you’ll lights for each space on this page.


If you’re shopping for several rooms for your home, you’re likely to notice that some lighting is in more than one category – a table lamp that is suitable for a living room may also be suitable for conservatory, for example.