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  1. Kirkenes Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  2. Kirkenes Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendant Light - Grey

  3. Elstead Provence Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendant Light - Polished Nickel

  4. Kirkenes Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  5. Lucide Rosas 3 Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Black

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Rise and fall pendants are made from two parts , a pendant, suspended from a cord and matching counter balance weight. Inspired by French bistros lighting, these classic pendants have been given a modern twist and are often found in kitchens and dining rooms. Modern style pendants are more industrial in their appearance, making them a practical and stylish choice for contemporary interiors.

Rise and fall pendants work well thanks to their ability to be height adjusted, even after installation, especially useful to suspend low over a dining table or island, for a more focused glow or higher for general lighting.

Rise and fall pendant lights are typically comprised of two parts – the pendant light, and the counterweight attached to allow for the pendant to be moved up and down as required, even after installation. This makes them perfect for above dining tables, kitchen islands, and even in games rooms, since they can be raised to provide more general lighting, and lowered to focus the light.


In our range of rise and fall pendant lights, you’ll find lights in a range of materials and finishes, so that you can choose the right colour and texture to suit the décor in the room. There are gorgeous clear glass styles, smoked glass effects, and shiny metal shades that look perfect in rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms, and can provide the light that you need at a flexible height.  


Many of the designs in our rise and fall pendant range have their bulbs on display – meaning that you can make a further style statement simply by switching the bulb to one with a decorative filament. While most rise and fall pendant lights tend to have traditional bulb fittings, there are LED styles starting to emerge. And of course, you can get the benefits that LEDs provide by choosing an LED bulb – and increase the functionality by adding a smart bulb.


As part of our rise and fall pendant lights range, we’ve also included gorgeous cluster and cascade styles and single pendants for you to consider. While these aren’t strictly rise and fall in style, the longer cascade styles are perfect in rooms with higher ceilings and above staircases, and in many of the places that you’d also install a rise and fall pendant light.