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Wall lights aren’t often the first type of lighting that we think of when we’re buying lighting for rooms in our home. Ceiling lights are usually the priority, but more and more, interior designers – and our customers – are realising the value of a great wall light in the home. In rooms that have low ceilings, ceiling lights may not be practical, but you still need to be able to see clearly during the night and on darker days, which is where a great wall light (or more than one!) can be used. Single arm wall lights, and double arm wall lights are perfect for this purpose.


Many wall lights are designed for specific purposes – mirror lights, shaver lights, and picture lights all fall into this category. Whether you’re lighting up your face, or your favourite pieces of art, the aim is to see it clearly! Where wall lights are to take the place of other types of lighting – such as in place of a bedside table, or as a reading lamp – look for styles that have integrated USB charging sockets to reduce the need for using extension cables. Though wall lights are to be installed for a specific purpose, practicality isn’t the only reason to put a wall light into a room in your space. You might prefer a minimalist style, an ornate wall light, or one that is somewhere in between, and whatever type of wall light you are looking for, there are plenty of stylish options.  

Of course, wall lights can be used to complement décor and to highlight specific areas of a room. Our wall uplighters, up and down lights, and under cabinet lights are perfect for these purposes, while many of our flush wall lights are decorative enough to be used in place of a piece of art. If you’re looking for a wall light for a certain room in your home, or that is a specific colour or finish, you can filter and browse our collection that way too.