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Most rooms in our homes have a ceiling light, and in many cases, when we move into a new home, it is a single bare bulb that provides the most basic of light. That’s OK when you’re seeing the space as a blank canvas, but it doesn’t allow to room to really shine – and you’re going to want to change it quickly. Designers have created a huge number of different ceiling light designs, and that means you can choose the type of light that really reflects the interior design style that you’ve chosen for each room in your home.


Our range has a wide variety of ceiling lights available for each and every room in the home, and on this page you’ll find ceiling lights by room – so you can be sure that the ceiling light you’ve chosen is suitable for that particular room. In a larger room or stairway, a grand chandelier can become a visual focus in the empty space above, in kitchens, more functional track lights might be appropriate, and in the garage, LED batten lights provide the brightness you need. These aren’t the only options though, and you’ll also find pendant lights, lights that sit flush to the ceiling, spotlights and downlights in our range – as well as lights with accessories such as fan lights, and light shades, so you can update an existing fitting quickly and easily.


If you’re searching for more than one ceiling light for your home, you might notice an overlap in lights in certain categories, since a ceiling light for the bedroom may be just as appropriate for an office or a hallway. You might be looking for an industrial looking light for your kitchen, simple but effective lighting for your bathroom, or a light fitting that can light up the table in your dining room (or something else entirely!) or perhaps you’re looking for a light fitting in a particular colour. Whatever type of ceiling light you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our collection.