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Bathrooms are one of the most heavily used rooms in our homes, and whether it is a quick wash before heading out in the morning, applying makeup before a night out, or a long, lazy bath at the end of a hard day, your bathroom lighting has to be right. With so many personal care activities to cover, having a range of lighting in your bathroom means that you’ll always have the optimal brightness for what you’re doing.


When you’re choosing lighting to completely fill your bathroom with light, ceiling lights, downlights, and wall lights are all great options. Which one – or more – are right for your bathroom will depend on the size and shape of the room, as well as the type of interior design style you’ve chosen.


For specific functional lighting, adding spotlights will help to provide additional lighting in the areas that you need it – such as above mirrors and cabinets. And since we all need great lighting to be able to see ourselves when applying makeup or shaving, it is no surprise that mirror lights and shaver lights are all options that are best selling products.


Bathrooms are spaces where there is a lot of potential for water to splashed and moisture to remain in the air, so when you’re installing electrical elements, including lighting, you need to be cautious that you get the right waterproofing. Choosing bathroom lights from our range means that you can be confident that the lighting solutions you’ve chosen will be safe for use in bathrooms, with the recommended IP rating. That means that should your children get a little carried away with splashing at bath time, you only need to worry about mopping up and not whether your lighting is safe.