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  1. EasyFit 12v Garden Lights - Fern LED Garden Spotlight Kit -12 Lights

  2. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Fern LED Spotlight - Black

  3. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - 15M Main Cable with 6 Connectors

  4. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - 150W Transformer

  5. EasyFit 12v Garden Lights - Fern LED Garden Spotlight Kit - 9 Lights

  6. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Botanic LED Post Light - Black

  7. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Dusk to Dawn Sensor with Timer

  8. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - 22W Transformer

  9. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - 60W Transformer

  10. Easyfit 12V Garden Lights - Squirrel Cage LED Festoon Lights - 10 Lights

  11. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights Three Way Connector

  12. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Palm LED Spotlight - Black

  13. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - 2 Metre Extension Cable

  14. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - 5 Metre Extension Cable

  15. Easyfit 12V Garden Lights - Golf Ball LED Festoon Lights - 10 Lights

  16. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - 10M Main Cable with 4 Connectors

  17. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Scene LED Spotlight - Black

  18. Easyfit 12V Garden Lights - 12M Warm White LED String Lights - 100 Lights

  19. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Dusk to Dawn Sensor

  20. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Bamboo LED Spotlight - Black

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  21. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Bloom LED Spotlight - Black

  22. EasyFit 12v Garden Lights - Kew Garden Spotlight Bracket

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  23. EasyFit 12v Garden Lights - Fern LED Garden Spotlight Kit - 6 Lights

  24. EasyFit 12v Garden Lights - Palm LED Garden Spotlight Kit - 8 Lights

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12V lighting kits have completely revolutionised garden lighting, allowing you to install as many or as few as you like without the need for an electrician. Simply plug and play, then you can sit back and enjoy entertaining after dark in your outdoor spaces.

The range of 12v garden lights has separate pieces that are all plug and play, stake spotlights (some with coloured filters to create a different ambience), strings of festoonsextension cablestransformers, and dusk to dawn sensors (some with timer). Because the range is all completely compatible, it is easy to create the perfect amount of lighting – and if you decide you need an additional light or two the following year, you can purchase the extras you need, plug them in, and go.

Highlight trees or landscaped areas with a few well placed uplights or fairy lights, perfect for parties and special events. Post lights and bollards are ideal for dotting along paths and driveways to help you navigate safely after dark. Depending on the number of lights to be installed, and where they are to be situated, with EasyFit lights, the whole garden can be lit up within just a few minutes.


Why Do EasyFit Garden Lights Operate At 12 Volts?


The primary reason that many garden lights require 12v is due to safety. They are safe to run around children and pets, and should they be exposed to a little damp (not actual submersion in water) then the 12v circuit is unlikely to be impacted.


Are EasyFit 12v Garden Lights Any Good?


You might think that low power means low levels of lighting, but you’d be wrong. Despite the low levels of power that are required to run them, 12v garden lights are actually very good, and can provide excellent levels of lighting. That’s due to the fact that LED bulbs require far less power to provide a lot more brightness than traditional incandescent bulbs and older types of garden lighting.


How Do I Install Low Voltage LED Garden Lights?


If you’ve decided on EasyFit lights, it is an incredibly simple process, and as long as you have outside access to mains power, you won’t need assistance from your electrician. When you’re selecting the lights:


  1. Choose the EasyFit lights that suit your needs best – either selecting the parts separately, or buying a kit
  2. Pick the right cables – this will depend on the number of lights you’re installing
  3. Select the transformer that is right for the combined wattage of all the lights you have chosen


When you have chosen the lighting kit, or the parts that you need and they have been delivered, then:


  1. Identify where you want your lights in the garden
  2. Fix the lights in place, either pushing the stake into the ground firmly or hanging them securely
  3. Connect each light to the cable
  4. Hide the cables (you don’t need to bury the cable; it can simply be laid along the ground between plants)
  5. Set the light to the angle you prefer
  6. Connect the lights to the transformer
  7. Plug into the mains power outlet, flip the switch, and you’re done!


Can I Move My EasyFit Garden Lights After I Install Them?


Absolutely! If you find that you haven’t got your lights in quite the right place first time, don’t worry. As long as you haven’t set the light into a permanent material like cement (which we don’t advise!) then you can simply switch them off, reposition the stake, or the string of festoons, and switch them on again.


Can EasyFit Garden Lights Switch On Automatically When It Gets Dark?


They can – with a dusk to dawn sensor. This connects to the EasyFit 12v garden lighting range, and detects when natural daylight has receded to dusk – and will trigger your garden lights to switch on automatically, as long as they are plugged in. When the sun starts to rise in the morning, and natural daylight is detected by the sensor, the lights will be switched off. The EasyFit range also has dusk to dawn sensors that have timers, allowing you even more flexibility for when you want your lights to go on and off.