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Lamps are perhaps one of the most versatile categories of lighting – since there are so many different shapes and styles, for different purposes, and to hit different interior design trends. They’re incredibly popular, and we expect them to continue to be, since they can be plugged in anywhere in the home and make a great impact.


Desk lamps, and bedside lamps are great for specific uses – working in the home office, and to make getting in and out of bed easier, as well as reading in bed. But many of these styles of table lamp are also suitable for use elsewhere throughout the home, such as next to sofas in living rooms, conservatories, and reading nooks. And where ease of use is essential – perhaps because it is to be placed in a compact space, or the main user of the lamp has issues with dexterity in their hands – then our range of touch lamps offer easy to use functionality as well as stylish shapes.


If you want to make a bigger, brighter impact in a room, floor lamps are one of the best, easiest ways to do that. Although single stem standard lamps have been a traditional shape of floor lamp for a long time, there are more modern floor lamps emerging, with tripod designs, modern LED styles, and unconventional materials used on the lamp shades. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern shape, or a new twist on the classic standard lamp, you’ll find all these styles in our collection of lamps.


On this page, you’ll find all types of lamps, filtered into different lists – from the specific type of lamp you’re looking for, to the room that you want to put the lamp in, and the particular colour or material that you want. Of course, updating an existing lamp that you already own is easy by simply swapping out the lamp shade, which is why we have included our range of lamp shades on this page too.