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  1. Searchlight Pedestal Table Lamp - Satin Silver & Cream

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    Special Price £104.00 Regular Price £130.00
  2. Edit Tripod Floor Lamp - Satin Nickel

  3. Lucide Paolo Table Lamp - Silver

  4. Dar Faris Touch Table Lamp - Satin Nickel

  5. Edit Brighton Floor Lamp - Yellow

  6. Edit Konnie Table Lamp - Silver

  7. Edit Caterina Table Light - Nickel

    Out of stock
  8. Endon Hayfield Floor Lamp - Satin Nickel

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    Special Price £280.00 Regular Price £350.00
  9. Endon Aria LED Floor Lamp - Silver Leaf

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    Special Price £249.60 Regular Price £312.00
  10. Endon Hayfield Table Lamp - Satin Nickel

    20% Off
    Special Price £159.20 Regular Price £199.00
  11. Endon Aria LED Table Lamp - Silver

    20% Off
    Special Price £112.00 Regular Price £140.00
  12. Endon Dara Table Lamp - Brushed Nickel

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    Special Price £45.59 Regular Price £56.99
  13. Endon Hansen Floor Light - Brushed Silver

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    Special Price £124.80 Regular Price £156.00
  14. Dar Jake Floor Lamp - Antique Silver

  15. Feiss Penny Floor Lamp - Polished Nickel

    Out of stock
  16. Searchlight Knightsbridge 3 Arm Floor Lamp - Satin Silver

  17. Searchlight Knightsbridge 3 Arm Table Lamp - Satin Silver

  18. Bexley Ceramic Table Lamp - White & Polished Nickel

  19. Bexley Ceramic Table Lamp - Black & Polished Nickel

  20. Edit Newport Table Lamp - Silver

  21. Edit Newport Floor Lamp - Silver

  22. Edit Holborn Floor Lamp - Matt Nickel

  23. Edit Holborn Desk Lamp - Matt Nickel

  24. Edit Kayla Table Lamp - Silver

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A great lamp makes a fantastic addition to many rooms in the home, and when you don’t want, or need to add a permanent light fitting, they can provide additional functional lighting easily, since you just need to plug them in. But when we talk about lamps, there is still a lot of variety to uncover – which means that you can get the exact atmosphere that you need, and that suits your décor perfectly too.


Even between different types of lamps, there is a huge range to choose from – and not just in terms of the different colours and materials that lamps are now available in. Standard lamps are a conventional option, particularly for living rooms and conservatories, but designers have reinvented the standard lamp over time, and so you can find a wide variety, including tripod designs and industrial cage designs, as well as those with non-traditional materials. You’ll also find overhang floor lamps, and arc designs, as well as uplighter floor lamps that can highlight certain elements of a room, without needing to hardwire a spotlight.


Smaller table lamps are an important element of many rooms, especially where particular activities are taking place. In home offices, desk lamps are an essential – even when you’re working at your PC, you still need to be able to see what you’re doing, but that is even more important if you’re reading documents or using books. And of course, reading is why many of us choose to have lamps on our bedside table, as well as being able to get in and out of bed without needing to switch the ceiling light on. Ease of use is the reason that touch lamps are becoming more popular in bedrooms – making it easier to get up in the night.


Of course, not all table lamps are used for specific reasons – in many cases, table lamps are used in living rooms, reading nooks and even outside to add to the ambient light, or to provide a lower level of lighting and a more intimate atmosphere.